Word and Spirit Conference

Join us for a great days teaching with our WORD AND SPIRIT Conference

with Dr Keith Warrington.


Saturday 18th November 2017, 10am - 2pm

Cost of £10 (lunch provided)

Elim Church Crawley
Trinity Centre, The Mardens, RH11 0AQ
Tel: 01293 552244
Dr Keith Warrington (BA, MPhil, PhD) was, until Autumn 2013, the Vice Principal and Director of Doctoral Studies at Regents Theological College and, for 30 years, was a lecturer in NT studies. Keith leads a programme entitled “Word and Spirit” which exists to help believers engage with the Bible in ways that are transformative and enjoyable. He has written 10 books, his latest focuses on exploring the miracles of Jesus.
His website is www.wordandspirit.info