Gospel of John



During 2017 and 2018 we are preaching through the gospel of John on Sunday mornings.

John was a disciple of Jesus and an eye witness to His life and ministry and He writes to reveal that Jesus both the Christ & God.

Date Sermon Speaker Notes
Sun, 01/21/2018
John 19:16-42 The Divine Exchange Jamie Lavery

John records the eyewitness of Jesus crucifixion without details of why because he anticipates that those who have read his gospel will understand why by this stage. In this message Pastor Jamie explores what the crucifixion of Jesus has achieved for those who believe.

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Sun, 01/07/2018
John 19:1-30 The Crucified King (1) Jamie Lavery

We start the New Year continuing our series in John.

Jesus is condemned to death and then crucified. Pilate finds Jesus to be innocent yet crucifies Him as King of the Jews. In this message Pastor Jamie explores how John has been building to this moment in his gospel, this moment is when the King will be crucified to bring about the salvation and new life promised by Jesus throughout John and how this is new and greater exodus story, that is our story of salvation.

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Sun, 12/10/2017
John 18:33-40 Born for this purpose Jamie Lavery As we move into the Christmas season, Pastor Jamie preaches on the one reference in John to Jesus birth. In this message, he draws out from Jesus conversation with Pilate that Jesus is King, and He has come to witness to that but to witness to the truth. Apologies for the lack of audio. No Audio File PDF icon John 18 born for this purpose.pdf
Sun, 11/26/2017
John 18:1-32 - The arrest of Jesus (2) Jamie Lavery Pastor Jamie continues to explore the arrest and trial of Jesus. In this message, we see how John demonstrates the power of Christ, the purpose of Christ, the commitment of Christ and the truth of Christ on display through his encounters with soldiers & leaders and in the contrast between Jesus and Peter. Audio icon 2017-11-26.mp3 PDF icon John 18 part 2.pdf
Sun, 11/12/2017
John 18:1-11 - The arrest of Jesus (1) Jamie Lavery

As we move into chapter 18 we move to the betray of Jesus. As in Genesis when God is betrayed in the garden so Jesus is betrayed in the garden. Yet, this seeming victory by evil & sin will fulfill the salvation of God's people. Pastor Jamie explores how God governed this to bring about His salvation of those who believe.

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Sun, 11/05/2017
John 17:20-26 The Lords Prayer (3) Jamie Lavery Jesus prays for all those who will believe in the future to be one. In this message, Jamie preaches the final part of Jesus prayer to the Father on His final evening and what it is that Jesus has prayed for us. Audio icon 2017-11-05.mp3 PDF icon John 17 part 3.pdf
Sun, 10/29/2017
John 17:6-26 The Prayer of Jesus David Dickson

At the family service David looks at two of the things Jesus wants us to know from this prayer recorded by John.

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Sun, 10/15/2017
John 17:1-5 - The Lord's Prayer (1) Jamie Lavery

We have reached the end of Jesus final discourse and before He goes on trial & is crucified, Jesus prays. This is the Lords prayer in its truest sense. Pastor Jamie explores in Jesus own prayer the priority of Jesus in prayer as He prepares for the cross.

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Sun, 10/08/2017
John 16 - Bringing Salvation to Birth Mike Keeping

Mike continues the series in John. Appologies for the loss of audio in the middle of the sermon.

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Sun, 10/01/2017
John 14: Whatever You ask the Father Jamie Lavery

In the last few weeks, we have read a Jesus make statements about prayer and the Father giving whatever we ask for.  In this message, Pastor Jamie goes over these statements and exploress how we pray biblically and effectively in the way Jesus taught us. 

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