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Date Sermon Speaker Study Notes
2 July 2017 Many shifts in society… David Dickson <p>Jesus has some profound words for this generation, for those searching for purpose.</p> Audio icon 2017-07-02.mp3 PDF icon Many shifts in society…..pdf
25 June 2017 John 11:1-27 Jesus in control of death & life Jamie Lavery <div class="gmail_default" style="font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12.8px; color: rgb(0, 0, 0);"> Pastor Jamie continues our series in the Gospel of John in chapter 11 by drawing out Jesus how Jesus is in control of the sickness &amp; death of Lazarus in order that He would&nbsp;reveal Himself, foreshadow&nbsp;what will happen to Him so that the disciples would continue to &nbsp;believe in their dark night and that Martha would come to believe now.&nbsp;</div> Audio icon 2017-06-25.mp3 PDF icon John 11a Jesus in control of death & life (1).pdf
18 June 2017 John 10:22-42 Mad man or God man? David Dickson <p>David continues the teaching on John 10 looking at two basic questions on the identity of Jesus and how we can have confidence in Jesus</p> Audio icon 2017-06-18.mp3 PDF icon John 10 Sermon.pdf
11 June 2017 John 10a Jamie Lavery <p>The good shepherd</p> Audio icon 2017-06-11.mp3 PDF icon John 10a The Good Shepherd.pdf
4 June 2017 John 9 Mike Keeping <p>The Man Born Blind</p> Audio icon 2017-06-04.mp3 PDF icon John 9 The Man Born Blind.pdf
28 May 2017 Prayer Jamie Lavery <p>Jamie sets our Focus on Prayer</p> Audio icon 28_May_11.15.27.mp3
21 May 2017 John 8 v30-59 Jamie Lavery <p>That You May Believe</p> Audio icon 21_May_17_Preach.mp3
14 May 2017 John 8:12-29 France Bontemps Spent some Time looking in to John 8 and how Jesus is the light of the world and how we can follow Him better in our Daily Lives. Audio icon 2017-05-14.mp3
7 May 2017 John 7:32-39 Jamie Lavery <p>This week Jamie preached from John 7 and the promise made by Jesus that those who believe in Him not only have eternal life but a promise of receiving the Holy Spirit who gives within river of living water which is the normal, biblical New testament experience.</p> Audio icon 2017-05-07.mp3
23 April 2017 John 6:1-35 Sophie Lavery <p>Reading from John 6, Sophie explains that we need to be able and open to trusting God in our lives, believing that as we put Jesus first, we will be able to see what God is doing in our lives.</p> Audio icon 2017-04-23.mp3