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Date Sermon Speaker Study Notes
1 October 2017 John 14: Whatever You ask the Father Jamie Lavery

In the last few weeks, we have read a Jesus make statements about prayer and the Father giving whatever we ask for.  In this message, Pastor Jamie goes over these statements and exploress how we pray biblically and effectively in the way Jesus taught us. 

Audio icon 01_Oct_11.35.32.mp3 PDF icon John 14 15 16 whatever you ask of the Father.pdf
24 September 2017 John 15:18-16:4 The Hatred of the World David Dickson

David continues our series in John looking at what Jesus says about the why the world hates Christians and how we can respond as Jesus intends us to.

Audio icon 2017-09-24.mp3 PDF icon John 15 Sermon ECC 24th Sept 2017 PDF.pdf
17 September 2017 John 15:1-17 Fruitful in Christ Jamie Lavery
As Jesus continues to teach His disciples on His final evening with them, He uses a metaphor to explain that the Father is seeking fruit from their lives. That the source of that fruit is Himself and them being in Him. Pastor Jamie explores this passage further in this message.
Audio icon 17_Sep_11.01.26.mp3 PDF icon John 15v1-17 fruitful in christ.pdf
10 September 2017 This Jesus Jamie Lavery
What did the early Christians actually believe about who Jesus was? Many doubt they believed He was God or that they worshipped Him. In this message 'This Jesus' Pastor Jamie looks at the earliest Christian sermon from Peter and explores in it what He says about who Jesus is.
Audio icon 2017-09-10.mp3 PDF icon This Jesus.pdf
3 September 2017 John 14:12-31 Jesus Greater Promise To His People Jamie Lavery
In John 14 Jesus makes a promise that everyone who believes will do His works, and these would greater works. Believers often find this promise can be either deeply encouraging or deeply confusing. In This message Pastor Jamie explore the greater life that Christ has fro every believer and what this promise means.
Audio icon 2017-09-03.mp3 PDF icon John 14v12-31 Jesus Greater Promise.pdf
27 August 2017 John 13:31-14:11 Loved by Jesus, Love like Jesus Don White

Don continues exploring the book of John 

Audio icon 2017-08-27-am.mp3
13 August 2017 John 13:20-38 Loved by Jesus, Love like Jesus Jamie Lavery
Pastor Jamie explores the command from Jesus to love one another as He has loved us and how we make that a reality in church life.
Audio icon 2017-08-13.mp3 PDF icon John 13v20-38.pdf
6 August 2017 John 13:1-20 The Servant Leader David Dickson

David looks at some observations from John 13:1-20 where Jesus washes the feet of the disciples.

Audio icon 2017-08-06.mp3 PDF icon John 13 Sermon ECC 6th August 2017 PDF.pdf
30 July 2017 John 12:20-50 The Glory of the Cross Jamie Lavery
In His last public engagement with the crowds before He is crucified, Jesus tells of the purpose of His coming, which is to die on the cross and in so doing glorify God. In this message Pastor Jamie explores how God is glorified in the cross of Christ, why we need the cross and then Jesus final proclaim for people to see it and believe in Him.
Audio icon 2017-07-30.mp3 PDF icon John 12v20-50 the glory of the cross.pdf
23 July 2017 John 12:20-27 - Family Service Jamie & Sophie Lavery

Jamie and Sophie explore how to teach the gospel to your children from John 12:20-27 along with practical tips and resources to help out.

Audio icon 2017-07-23.mp3 PDF icon John 12v20-27 family service.pdf