Discover Your Gifts

Resources for a purpose-driven life
Rick Warren's book is available to buy today and is also available to download as an ebook.
You can read more about Pastor Rick Warren and The Purpose Driven Life resources via the official website.
What is your S.H.A.P.E.?

As a Church, it is one of our core values that people should serve where they are gifted. American Pastor Rick Warren in his best-selling book ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ encourages people to discover their S.H.A.P.E.

An acronym that stands for Spiritual gifts / Heart passions / natural Abilities / Personality type / life Experiences. All of these things define who you are. It is our desire to equip and lead you to a fruitful, fulfilled life.
Read more on how you are S.H.A.P.E.'d for ministry

Living Beyond Ourselves: Teaching Series
Living Beyond Ourselves is a teaching series from 2012 looking at encouraging the Church to use God-given gifts in areas of ministry and the community.
Audio of sermons preached is available via our podcast feed along with study-notes which are also available for download to the right.
Study notes are also available for small-groups, contact us if you would like a copy.


Below are each weeks study-notes to accompany the audio-sermons.

Tools to Help Your Discovery
The 'Gift Discovering Questionaire' allows you to self-evaluate and highlight where you’re gifting may lie.
To discover the answers to the questionnaire you can make an appointment for a personal gift discovery interview as below.
The Discovering Your Gift Questionnaire can be printed off along with the 'Gifts In Action Questionnaire' and given to friends or work colleagues to enable confirmation from others as to where your gifts might lie.


Gift Discovery Interview
After completing the questionnaires, we have found that an informal, individual interview to discuss your gifts always proves a very helpful step.
A private interview can help highlight various aspects of your life, personality and faith journey. Speaking with someone can help reaffirm your gifts or recommend new areas of service.
To book a personal gift discovery interview email