Connection Groups

At Elim Church Crawley we believe that the journey of faith is most fulfilling when it is taken with others. When people talk about their faith they always talk about the individuals they believe God put in their paths, there is always a relational component. Maybe it has been when we hear from God through someone or when we have seen God in someone.
Though we can't manufacture this type of relationship, we can create environments where these types of relationships flourish. Similar to a road trip, we believe in following Jesus with people who will encourage us, believe in us and even challenge us when necessary.
“A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.”
We have small groups called Connection Groups that meet every week across Surrey and Sussex. People meet together to make friends, provide support and encouragement for each other, learn about how we can put God at the centre of our lives and take God's good news to the community.
What are the personal benefits of being in a connections group?
It is the best place to build real relationships with others
It helps me to apply God's Word better to my life because I can ask questions.
It provides the accountability I need to grow.
It offers support and encouragement when I need it.
It is a safe place to develop my gifts for service
It is a natural relaxed way to share my faith with people who are not yet Christians.
What if none of the existing connection groups work for me?
Sometimes it’s tough to get all of our preferences and schedules to align, but we’re committed to getting you connected. We’d love to explore some other options with you. As the Scripture teaches, “all things are possible with God” - Mark 10:27, and we’d love to help your small group possibility become a reality.
Contact us if you are at all interested in:
Making a connection group suggestion
Leading a group
Hosting a group
Launching a group
If you are interested in getting connected;
Download our Connections leaflet which will give you further information.
Email Us or speak to an Elder with your comments and suggestions.